Subsafe protects your sub from accidental damage,
so you’re not out of pocket, or gigs.


STEP 1 – Go to “What Size” and determine what size of Subsafe you require by selecting the manufacturer of your subs from the drop down menu. The size of your required Subsafe will be against the model you require one for.
STEP 2 – Visit our “Store” where you can select which model of Subsafe you require.
STEP 3 – Order and securely pay for your Subsafe.
STEP 4 – Complete our customisation form and tailor your Subsafe to your requirements.
STEP 5 – Look forward to drink free events on your subs!

Audio Protection You Can Rely On

Subsafe was founded out of a desire to protect our own equipment. Through innovative design and engineering, a solution was created to fit all types of subs, regardless of make or model. The result? Reliable, dependable protection for your sub.

About Subsafe

Want To Keep Your Subs Safe?

Get a custom-built Subsafe that perfectly matches your sub and protects it from accidental damage. If you want to keep your sub safe, order now!