What stage is my Subsafe at?

After you purchase your Subsafe you will want to know what stage of design & manufacturing it is at.

Please remember it takes around 6-8 weeks to receive after you place your order. If you have been advised that your Subsafe is on its way, you can track your order by clicking here.

Below you will see the Subsafe Order Tracker which gives you the different stages that it goes through before you receive it.

All you have to do is enter your 5 digit order number that you would have been emailed when you paid for your order in the field box below.

The following stages are:

Payment Pending:
This is when a payment has been made by the funds haven’t cleared our bank account yet.

Material Ordered:
We have placed an order with the manufacturer of our material for your ordered Subsafe.

Stage 1:
Order Received

Stage 2:
Customisation of Subsafe

Stage 3:
Designing of Subsafe

Stage 4:
Approval sent for signing off.

Stage 5:
Panels being manufactured.

Stage 6:
Your panels have been made and we are now constructing your Subsafe.

Stage 7:
Subsafe has been finished and en route to you. Please click here to track your order

Track an Order

Enter the order number you would like to track in the form below.


When you have been informed that your order is complete and has been sent to you by one of our preferred couriers, click here to track your shipment using our After Ship service.