Subsafe Lux

Subsafe Custom Features

  • Connector.

    Tailored to fit perfectly

    Designed to fit your subwoofer perfectly

  • Connector.

    Opaque Finish

    High-quality opaque material for translucent effect.

  • Connector.

    Hand Crafted

    Each Subsafe made by hand to ensure perfect production

  • Connector.

    Bespoke Design

    Designed the way that you want, using graphics, logos, text of your choice. The sky is the limit!

The Lux Subsafe features strong and resilient perspex panels that can be combined with lighting to create a stunning visual effect, whilst retaining it’s core protective qualities for your subs

Every Subsafe is hand-built from scratch, just for you. Here’s what you can expect when you order your new Subsafe:

  • High quality opaque finish. Made using the highest quality opaque material. Include your logo or branding too if you like. You’re the boss!
  • Choose quantity and sizing. You can order just a single Subsafe for your sub, a pair, or more if you like, in a size to exactly match your sub, so you’ll always get a perfect fit.
  • Choose your configuration. Select any holes for speaker poles or for cabling as you require. Let us know relevant dimensions, so the fitment will be a perfect match for your setup.
  • Approve your design. Using our unique design and cutting system, we’ll prepare your design and send to you to review. We’ll make any modifications you ask for, before you sign off the final proof when you’re confident it’s perfect.
  • Your panels are manufactured. The panels are created using high-grade foamex material coated in laminate to prevent scratching to and preserve quality.
  • Hinges are hand cut. Using our purpose built jig, your hinges are hand cut to the specifications that your sub requires, so the resulting Subsafe fits perfectly.
  • Your unique Subsafe is assembled. We hand assemble your Subsafe and bond it together using premium adhesives so the resulting product is sturdy and never lets you down.
  • Final inspection. We test, check and clean your Subsafe to a rigorous standard before cheerfully dispatching to you via courier within 6-8 weeks of your order.

Made of the highest grade aluminium foamex, Subsafe Custom Plus offers the highest protection, designed, hand crafted and assembled to fit your subwoofer perfectly.

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